The Lycée Privé Chrysalide (Chrysalis School) opened in September 2006 with the mission to educate a new generation of open-minded young people who love reading. Our school is located in the town of Ivato, just outside Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo.


The Chrysalis School aims to provide an educational environment where our students can develop the skills and character needed to succeed after graduation and to help their families, communities and country to prosper.

Through our specialized reading programs and weekly discussion classes, we aim to help students become good independent thinkers, to respect human rights principles, and to be open-minded citizens of the world.

The Chrysalis School also encourages awareness of world issues, especially environmental issues and gender equality, and we endeavor to provide environmental education, which will enable our students to participate in the creation of a better world.

chrysalis_graziella_masindrazanaThe school’s director, Graziella Masindrazana, is also a lecturer in the English department of the University of Madagascar in Antananarivo.  She has a master’s degree and DEA from the University of Madagascar, and is currently working on her PhD thesis.

The Chrysalis School has 22 part-time teachers, who all have at least 5 years of teaching experience, in addition to the director, who also teaches the school’s English language classes.

Our students range in age from 12 to 19 years.
Their parents are mostly farmers, free-zone employees, masons, tradespeople and domestic servants. Around 65% of our students’ mothers are single parents.


Madagascar is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, off the Southeast coast of Africa. It’s rich in biodiversity and cultural traditions, but most of its people are very poor: 69% of the population lives on less than one dollar per day (according to World Bank February 2011 report).


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