1,000 books!

Over the last several years, the Chrysalis School has received more than 1,000 books from bookmooch! For a library that started with a single shelf of books, this is a flood of new reading material. And for a school that aims to educate a new generation of young people who love reading, books are pretty important!


Bookmooch.com is a cool site for trading books using a system of points (received for sending your old books to others, and given to those who send books to you). The Chrysalis School received an initial donation of points from the site’s founder, and over the years, other bookmooch members have donated hundreds of points to us. We can then request books from people all over the world, and slowly packages make their way across oceans and into our library.

From James et la grosse peche (James and the Giant Peach) to Spiderman, from Ursula K LeGuin to Mark Twain, we’ve amassed an amazing collection of donated books. We’re thankful to bookmooch and all of the lovely people who have agreed to pay international postage rates to fill our library with inspiration!


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